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Sex Demon Queen

Sex Demon Queen
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Sex Demon Queen. Kuri and Linna, a pair of beautiful and deadly sorceresses, live in an age when all manner of unclean beasts and demons wreak havoc on the general population as they seek to gratify their unquenchable lust. Kuri has dedicated her magic to stopping these foul beasts, though her partner would rather cavort with these demons than kill them. However, this odd couple won't stand for rape, and as they rescue a damsel in distress, they are noticed by the Sex Demon Queen, who seeks to have them as her own. Since they resist, the Queen unleashes all the lust within Linna and Kuri, who become powerless to stop their voracious appetites.

Category: Uncensored, Anime

Tagges as: Adventure, Comedy, Magic, Supernatural, Magical Girl, Loli, Demons, Yuri, Tentacles

Rank: 733

Total views: 516

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