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A doctor is hired by a woman he had raped in his past to help create a special “treatment room” for special patients. They hand pick a group of beautiful, young girls with problems and prepare them for training. A summary of the ‘best of’ scenes from the first five episodes of the Night Shift Nurses series. Chosen by director Okesawa himself, get ready to relive what made the series popular by watching scene after scene of the Doctors experiments. Ren Nanase is caught murdering Dr. Hirasaka and is arrested by the police. While being interrogated by the detectives handling her case, she begins to recount all of the depraved acts committed with the Doctor which leads the detectives to investigate the other nurses victimized by the Doctor. The doctor continues to conduct his experiments on more nurses in his hospital and has almost achieved his goal. However, the nurses find out about each other and take actionerrorno source


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hentai On September - 25 - 2009 Category: Anime

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