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Koihime is centered around a young man in college named Musashi whose come back to the remote and fairly well hidden village where his grandmother lives. He hasn’t been here in fifteen years, but has decided to take a vacation for some reason and visit. Before we see him make the journey there though, we get a small flashback to his younger days when he stayed there. We see him and four young girls all letting each other prick their skin and lick the others blood as some kind of game/ritual. This is something kids do, but this time it has some more serious consequences.

Once back in this village, it seems like it’s from another time almost. The villagers are all agricultural related, the buildings are old but well lived and the feel is definitely from a time long ago. Musashi spends some time with his quite surprised grandmother, but it’s not long before three of the four girls end up coming across him. During the second meeting, the quite attractive Nami offers herself up to him as it’s been a dream of hers for ages. Unfortunately, Musashi can’t seem to remember any of these girls from his time spent here, but hey, he’s a college guy being propositioned by hot women.

As he makes his way among the women and with the local village chief, the mystery of his forgotten memories and his dealings with the various girls becomes known. It’s not a terribly difficult to guess one after the first half of the first episode, but it’s a pleasant enough show. The characters are all well designed and animated, the plot is simple but nice and the characters are all quite fun to watch. If anything, this show suffers from being too short as when it ends (and it ends with some nice finality), you wish there was more.

This is an easy set to recommend for hentai fans who want something with good characters and no violence, tentacles or other related things that have given hentai a bad stigma. I’d almost say this is the good kind of hentai guys can watch with their girlfriends. At least more so than things like Urotsukidoji. Even with it being two discs, there are places where you can find these titles discounted by half, making it a good purchase. Very recommended.

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[tab:Mega Porn Ep2]

[tab:Mirror Ep1]
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[tab:Mirror Ep2]
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